About Freemavens

We are a data-driven consultancy that transforms businesses by turning big social data into insights, strategy and ideas. We get brands to do more of the things that people love, and want to share, to help those businesses grow faster.

We believe there is no greater authority on your brand than the people who love it the most. Only when your brands behaviours are informed by your biggest advocates, Mavens, can it become the best version of itself. At Freemavens we use big social data to infer insights and solve the real problems.

We mine social data on a global scale using technology and human know-how. Our people intelligently filter billions of online conversations, meaning that big data can answer your big questions. Freemavens’ custom-built algorithms are tailored to identify the most relevant conversations and consumers to help crack your brand's biggest challenges.

Our analysts and creative strategists generate actionable insights, including highly qualitative intelligence on your Mavens. We convert these insights into ideas for new brand behaviours across the 4P’s of marketing.

With raw, live insights from your Mavens we create ideas that will grow your business. Our solutions span the marketing spectrum: from brand purpose, to product and service improvement, to NPD, to promotional ideas, as well as social, digital and traditional campaigns. Every solution is designed to drive positive sentiment, advocacy and measurable growth for your brand.

For more information please visit www.freemavens.com.

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